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    Epistrophe explores the instability of things by manipulating fluid ink and images of permanent classical statues to highlight the fluidity of things and ambiguity to create new discourse. In this body of work, solid matter is unstable. I use ink to represent repetitions and variations in my mind, visual time, and rhythm of statues' appearance, representing abstract images of cracks from the torso. It is equivalent to my memory's ever-changing forms of the sculptural body, oscillating as my remembrance constantly flows, emphasizing fluidity by using ink to contrast with unchanging substance. For me, sculptures are not facts, but objects based on myths, memories, and idealizations. They are permanent and represent immutability for centuries. However, ink's liquidity and malleability can significantly contrast the eternal and stable substance to form new discourse. The hardness of the marble substance, and the subjectivity of using ink, reflect the authoritativeness of the artist.

    Three elements make up my work: sculpture, ink, and memory, which blend to create a new reality that reflects my apprehension. My works invite the viewer to contemplate the changing meaning of cultural recognition over time and the shifting discourse in which images are embedded.

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